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Meet the author:

I, John Mugglebee, do solemnly swear that my surname is not a penname. That is, I, at least, did not make it up. But someone did, far back in the late 19 th century, when my paternal grandparents immigrated to the United States from Russia. My father married a woman half his age who was descended from New England Indians, African slaves, starving Irish and indefatigable Chinese.

The fifth of six children, I was brought up on two coasts, first in Massachusetts, then, from the age of 11, in Los Angeles where the other kids made fun of my « Boston-go-pahk-yah-cah » accent. I graduated from Dartmouth College (Hanover, New Hampshire) with an English degree and took a Master of Arts from Colorado State University.

My life has always included a Spartan mix of study and sport. I was a star American Football player at university, a champion of France rugby player and an award winning football coach. I have since moved on to karate and bike racing. Sports have provided a background for some of my stories.

When I chose to live in Europe, I think I unconsciously brought my ancestors’ tales full circle, New World back to the Old one. I flew from Boston to Amsterdam for $99, bought a bike and started pedaling, Holland, Germany, Italy, France.

I settled in the South of France and started writing fiction. I found a one-room flat in Aix-en-Provence, collected an old typewriter and several bottles of wine and started typing. A week later I emerged with a mostly unreadable manuscript but the satisfaction of knowing I could start and finish a piece of work.

Since then, I have written seven books. In order, they are:

One Cuts Again , a memoir of love and cheating during my championship rugby season in Aix

My Fair Niggah , an urban coming of age story set in Los Angeles

Mara Dunne , a parapsychological murder mystery

Machinations in a Year without Corn , a revenge tale set in the New York City art world

The Onion Legacy , a family saga stretching from the early days of America to the present

Notre Dame of Marseille , a band of Midi misfits makes good in American football

An American in Provence , the story presented on Aixposition. Here is a bird’s-eye view:

An ex cop from LA, traumatized by a botched rescue operation (he shoots and kills a child hostage) retreats to France, his deceased mother’s homeland, where he hires on to guard an old Provençal farm. He soon finds himself standing between the farm’s purported treasure and a band of looters, and must discover with the help of the paternalistic farmer and his hostile daughter a reason to live before he can save their farm. It’s the Dutruc affair meets Dirty Harry !

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